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Who We Are

Welcome to Bitails, a registered company based in Armenia, focused on pushing the boundaries of the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. Our task is simple: deliver practical solutions that empower businesses, developers, and enthusiasts to make the most of BSV.

Scalability at the Core

Bitails stands out for its unwavering focus on scalability. We designed Bitails to handle the rapid growth of the BSV network, currently supporting up to 100000 transactions per second in real-time, ensuring your data needs are met efficiently.

Core Services

Bitails revolves around two services: a robust API and a user-friendly BSV explorer. We prioritize simplicity to seamlessly connect you to the BSV blockchain, allowing you to navigate, create, and innovate without unnecessary complexity.

Real-world Benefits

Our commitment to scalability means tangible benefits for you. As the BSV database grows, Bitails can process billions of transactions efficiently. Our flexible database structure, powerful UTXO manager, and comprehensive endpoints suit every application building on BSV(wallets, exchanges, IoT devices, etc.)

Discover the Bitails Difference

We encourage you to experience the unique advantages offered by Bitails. Take our API and BSV explorer for a ride and see how our solutions elevate your interaction with the BSV network. Our successful track record, marked by innovation and unwavering commitment, speaks volumes about what we bring to the table.

Become Part of Our Community

Your input is important to us. Whether you have feedback or requests or waimport AboutDescription from './about-description'; nt to talk about Bitails, we're here to listen. Bitails thrives on a colalaborative sprit. Join our telegram group, share your views, and be part of the growing BSV community we're building together.